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Print ready Vectors are the most flexible form of graphics that can be used for any form of printing. They print well on all products such as business cards, shops signs tshirts etc. The reason for this is because the vectors can be scaled to any size, either large or small to fit the print purpose without losing quality.
Images are also commonly known as bitmaps, jpg and logo and the process to convert image to vector is also known as bitmap to vector, jpg to vector or logo to vector. All the preceding terms can be summarised as image vectorization.
In the vector conversion process, to convert an image to vector there is one very important factor to consider, which is whether to use manual or automated methods to convert to vector.
Automated methods are faster and require very little work. The resulting vector may not work well under all circumstances when scaling. For instance the print ready vector may not scale evenly and broken lines may appear when scaling.
Using the manual method, the image is manually traced. The resulting print ready vector is the very best quality and suitable for all situations.
If you have a logo or an image that you need to converted to a vector then please visit our homepage.
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"Thank you very much for my image to vector conversion. Very high quality. Cannot fault it at all."
- D Poon
"Thanks for your patience and great cooperation. I asked for many changes
on the image to vector conversion job and you guys did many free changes as well.
The final vectorized image was superb. Excellent service. "
- I Patahn
"Your convert image to vector service does exactly what it says on the tin. Good customer service
and a great print ready vector delivered including proofs. I needed to convert my bitmap to vector
for use on a marquee. I will certainly use you again."
- A Stubbs