What is a Logo Vector Format?

The majority of companies that use us have been directed to us by their printer as the logo they supplied wasn't high enough quality to print clearly (or they have found it impossible to manipulate).
Here, we explore what a vector format is (i.e., EPS files) and why you should use it for all printed matter.

So, what is a Logo Vector then?

A vector graphic file, such as an EPS, stores objects (lines, colours, shapes, text etc) that form a logo (or any design) as mathematical formulae. This is why it is possible to zoom in and resize a vector (infinitely) without it losing any clarity. This also allows you to manipulate parts of it (eg delete/change lines) very easily.

How do our designers create vectors?

We manually redraw raster logos (or designs) as a vector - hence guaranteeing the quality of the Vector we create.

Advantages for printers, designers and yourself of using Vectors

There are plenty of advantages (we can't think of any disadvantages) of using Vectors:
  • The background colour can be removed
  • All colours can be changed
  • Any object in the vector can be modified/deleted without impacting other objects
  • As vectors offer alot of flexibility, designers love them as they can manipulate them to create high impact designs
  • You can use it for any printing - no matter how large or small you want to print. Vectors we have created have been printed to cover entire buildings!

What type of files can be converted in to a Vector?

We can convert any file to a vector - if you can see it on your screen - we can redraw it as a vector.
For example, Scans, Photos, JPG, BMP, PSD, PNG, PDF, Word Documents, Powerpoint Slides, Publisher Documents.
If you need more information or advice about vectors, then please call us on 020 7415 7087 or email us support@printanyfile.com.