Why it is important for a Vector Redraw company to understand what you will be using a Vector for

If you are signmaker, tshirt printing company, engraver or a general printer – you would probably understand why a redraw artist needs to understand what the vector will be used for.

However, if you are reading this article and aren’t one of the above, the chances are that you have been asked to find a vector redraw company to convert your image in to a vector.

Whilst it is easy for a professional trained designer who has had several years in the field to do the work. Without understanding the core use (or uses) the vector you receive may, although technically perfect, be useless for the job in hand. For example, if you send a full colour image that needs to be converted for use by an engraver, the final vector you receive (if you didn’t inform the vector conversion company) may not be usable. In the example of an engraver, a good vector conversion company would send you a line drawing inplace of a standard redraw.

Line drawing example:

Vector Line drawing example
Raster – File we started with.
Vector – line drawing of the final version which is suitable for etching/engraving.


Another example is if your printer is to laser cut vinyl (for example, for van printing). If your logo contains 3D, gradients and/or a mix of transparencies + white areas, then the redraw would replace any 3D or gradients with solid colours (usually done in Pantone to make it easy for the printer to perform the colour picking). A competent vector redraw company would consult with you to make sure they understand what your requirements are not just blindly redraw something.

With PrintAnyFile, you can be assured that we will consult you if we have any questions about your artwork (for example, if it is unclear what you will be using it for).  We are one of the world’s largest vector conversion companies. Whilst you have been reading this, our people have probably spoken to 30 people to make sure that the vector they will be receiving it suitable for their needs.

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